Transformational Coaching, Craniosacral Bodywork & Group Support

Connect with your inner wisdom and create a life of beauty peace and joy.

Let's connect and explore what would help you in your life right now.  We will meet from the comfort of your own home.


Some of the elements of my coaching sessions:

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Somatic Emotional Clearing

  • Craniosacral bodywork

  • Intuitive and Energy work

  • Deep listening

  • Reflection Circle

  • Spiritual Book Study

Gently reset your nervous system

Craniosacral Bodywork connects to the most subtle rhythms of your body and integrates body mind and spirit. The result is harmony, peace and a return to your deep inner knowing.
Sessions are offered outdoors during warm weather.


I have known Jessica for a long time. She is both intuitive and wise in her approach to bodywork.  My experience of her cranial-sacral treatment was one of profound relaxation and unexpected insight. I heartily recommend Jessica to everyone.

Susan Whitaker

Owner of Canyon Spirit Yoga Center