Are you curious about how your thoughts influence your mood, your energy, your work and your relationships? Have you ever tried to "just think positive" and realized that doesn't work?

Or, tried ignoring your thoughts but then realized that they got even louder?  


Finding the right relationship with our thoughts is key to navigating life with ease and harmony.

I'm learning how to befriend my thoughts instead of believing them.

What I'm learning is giving me a mental and emotional space where I am empowered to create, 

rather than react to my life. 


This Reflection Circle is a safe and nourishing place to listen,

explore and practice simple techniques that create more joy, peace and harmony in your experience.

During each conversation, we will focus on topic that is relevent to our spiritual growth that week.

I will provide you with resources you can pursue on your own, including books, meditations and talks.

You will have opportunities to share, ask questions and support one another.

We will have a short guided meditation and leave the circle feeling grounded, refreshed and renewed. 

This group includes a book study of The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

Registration requires a private coaching session to make sure this group will meet your needs.

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