A winding path of heart and soul

Jessica Gutierrez.jpg

My life path has always been led by my heart and my desire to help others.


From a very young age I was encouraged to meditate, use visualization techniques and practice yoga. I was also taught that everyone has the inherent ability to  connect directly with the divine for support and guidance.


I'm so thankful for this foundation my parents gave me, because my journey has been full of many twists and turns and ups and downs.


I've walked with trauma, addiction, grief and loss. and I know that all of my experiences  are valuable resources that strongly inform who I am and how I can help others. 

Inspired by my incredibly resourceful and creative parents, I became an entrepeneur before I knew the word, creating opportunities in many ways that suited my spirit.


I see myself as a connector and helper, a coach and a mother, a bodyworker and a grower of beautiful wild things.


I garden and write and practice witchery with herbs and beeswax and try to take my time walking with bare feet on this earth.


I'm blessed with a beautiful daughter, a warrior husband and a gentle and kind teenage stepson.


We tend our nest with care and love and all of the little human irritations that are part of life, especially since covid came along.  


We do our best to care for each other, celebrate our joys and live life as fully as possible in this beautiful moment we get to share.