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Can your marketing be full of authenticity, passion and personality


create prosperity and success? 


Can marketing be fulfilling and fun instead of frustrating? 



Learn how to embrace marketing with your whole heart and soul in this FREE masterclass 


Heartful Marketing

Bridging the Digital Marketing Divide with Love & Connection

By the end of this Masterclass you will

  •  See new possibilites for your business as you transform limiting beliefs about marketing into skill, knowledge and purposeful action


  • Be empowered to create heartful content that feels like serving your clients and customers (not selling)


  • Understand SEO and Google Rankings, how they impact your business, and how to optimize them so your ideal clients can find you easily and often


  • Know how to choose platforms for social media, email services, landing pages and websites and when and how to outsource some of the work


  • Reconnect marketing with the passion, fun, ease and flow that inspired you to create your business in the first place! 


Whole-heartedly engaging with your clients and customers online, sharing stories, building community, feeling confident and creative, authentic and true! 

Feeling relaxed and happy creating heartful marketing messages that are extensions of your business mission and vision!

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Your Facilitators for this
FREE masterclass


Jessica Gutierrez, Awaken Wellness 

Jessica is a life long entrepreneur with fifteen years experience owning a massage business. Her other meaningful professional endeavors included working in HIV/AIDS education, sexual violence prevention and advocacy and working at a community television station where she helped young people share their stories  through the media arts. 


Jessica is currently a professional and transformational life coach and bodyworker in Auburn, California, balancing her profession with being a free spirit, life long learner, creative, mystic and mother. Her clients include small business owners, wellness professionals and other individuals on healing journeys.

Brian Buckle, Real Connection Media

As a software engineering manager at Intel I could see the power of technology to make people's lives better. With the advent of social media and video platforms we could more easily connect with distant friends and family. We could connect with others sharing similar interests and pastimes. It became clear that digital marketing had the potential to make meaningful connections between business and customer in a way that traditional marketing could not.


I created Real Connection Media to help businesses make these types of connections, to truly express a business owner's passion and vision while building an online community around their business.

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Heartful Marketing FREE Masterclass

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