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Boundless energy exists in the present moment. Together, we will explore practices that harness that energy and heal the body, life and relationships.  Mindful presence, intentional thought and visualization, energetic exercises, contemplation and compassionate connection are tools to realize our limitless potential. 

This group is for you if you are: 

Curious about the connection between consciousness and healing

Wondering about the intersection of the mystical and the mundane

Expanding your potential

Creating something new in your life, your family, your business or the world

Embracing full responsibilty for your health and well-being

Seeking a fun, loving, supportive community of like-minded people on a spiritual path

Committed to transformation of limiting believes and behaviors

This is a ten week online program that includes:

  • spiritual book study

  • meditation practices and support

  • transformational group coaching

  • 10 live sessions over 10 weeks

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  • Weekly guided meditations

  • One-hour private coaching session with Jessica

  • Access to private messaging group

  • Private Facebook group (optional)

Becoming Supernatural  by Dr. Joe Dispenza

"The key to the yogi’s teaching is this: when we experience for ourselves, or witness in another person, something that we’ve once believed to be impossible, we are freed in our beliefs to transcend those limitations in our own lives. And this is precisely why the book you’re holding has the potential to change your life. By showing you how to accept your future dream as your current reality, and to do so in a way that your body believes is happening “now,” you discover how to set into motion a cascade of emotional and physiological processes that reflect your new reality. The neurons in your brain, the sensory neurites in your heart, and the chemistry of your body all harmonize to mirror the new thinking, and the quantum possibilities of life are rearranged to replace the unwanted circumstances of your past with the new circumstances that you’ve accepted as the present. And that’s the power of this book."

~Gregg Braden

Participant Testimonials

"This past year has been a real challenge. Being a part of Jessica's transformational  group coaching program was a life raft in a stormy sea. Having a group of like minded people to connect with during difficulty was incredibly helpful, and Jessica does an amazing job holding space for authentic connection. Through heartfelt questions, an inspiring book, guided meditation, and group accountability, I was able to transform crisis into growth, make new friends, and develop practices that support me to this day. Thank you Jessica, for a truly great experience."

Jennifer Marin

Hypnotherapist, LMP

Olympia, Washington

I highly recommend becoming a part of Jessica’s next group -   For myself, I found a sense of community, rediscovered a sense of inner peace through meditation, found a new way of looking at things and met new friends.  Our group centered on a book – The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer – amazing book.  Jessica’s ability to lead a group, her wisdom, compassion and inner peace brought out profound conversation and thinking.  She allowed space for each of us to present our thoughts and our own insights which allowed each of us to learn more.  I am looking forward to Jessica’s next group – can’t wait!


Marlene Berger

Colfax, California

Fees and Schedule

  • September 13th, 2021 through November 15th 2021

  • Monday morning sessions set the intention for the week, 9:30 - 11 am

  • Investment: $297 includes: 10 weeks of live 90 minute sessions, weekly guided meditations, a one-hour private coaching session with Jessica, access to private messaging group, private facebook group