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Are you longing to be part of a sacred circle of women? A safe and sweet space to explore your deep inner wisdom and connect with other women doing the same?


Is meditation practice on your list of things you know you need in your life, but you need inspiration or motivation to make it a habit?  


If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this online group may be a good fit for you.

Heartful Healing Circle is a safe place to be vulnerable. To give and receive loving support. To learn, share and practice going within, being with our inner healers, and listening to the wisdom of our hearts.


We meet once a week, Mondays at 10 am on Zoom, for one hour of meditation practice and heartful community connection. Membership is by monthly subscription, renewed automatically and may be cancelled without penalty at any time. Subscriptions are $88 monthly but may be adjusted according to your ability to pay.


Space permitting, we open to new members at the beginning of each month. Use the contact link above to inquire about joining.

Participant Testimonials

"This past year has been a real challenge. Being a part of Jessica's transformational  group coaching program was a life raft in a stormy sea. Having a group of like minded people to connect with during difficulty was incredibly helpful, and Jessica does an amazing job holding space for authentic connection. Through heartfelt questions, an inspiring book, guided meditation, and group accountability, I was able to transform crisis into growth, make new friends, and develop practices that support me to this day. Thank you Jessica, for a truly great experience."

Jennifer Marin

Hypnotherapist, LMP

Olympia, Washington

I highly recommend becoming a part of Jessica’s next group -   For myself, I found a sense of community, rediscovered a sense of inner peace through meditation, found a new way of looking at things and met new friends.  Our group centered on a book – The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer – amazing book.  Jessica’s ability to lead a group, her wisdom, compassion and inner peace brought out profound conversation and thinking.  She allowed space for each of us to present our thoughts and our own insights which allowed each of us to learn more.  I am looking forward to Jessica’s next group – can’t wait!


Marlene Berger

Colfax, California